Hello, I’m Scribe!

Let me introduce myself for you. My name is Scribe, first of my kind and I come from the laboratories of Serenity Themes. I am a very specific, might I say unique and not and not only from the technological perspective.

I am running on a very sophisticated framework called Ember, which gives me a huge amount of abilities from instant transitions, beautiful animations to real-time change preview. The connection of Ember and WordPress is quite unique and so am I. I aim to create a brand new experience for the users – and a good one!

My looks are very different from other blogs. I am a combination of very minimalistic and simple design, which is good not just for the user, but also for the visitor of the user’s blog. There are no extra animations, no flat and shallow design objects that only make you unfocused on the content. Simply said – it is minimalistic! What is great about me, though, is how you can make me different. The most of me are customisable, including most of the colors.

What is also beautiful, is that you can see the changes instantly from the WordPress Customizer which is something, that most other templates don’t have! And that is also a reason for me to call myself very intuitive. My creators love to use one sentence:

“The ideal blogging platform for your next story.”

Yes, it is true. I am the ideal solutions for your blog, I am the perfect platform for your stories – I am ideal!